M2 Infusion

What is it?

The M2 Infusion refers to “Microneedling-to-Microchannels” serum infusion treatment aimed to enhance skin texture. This is a minimally invasive technique that is targeted to increase transepidermal penetration of skin nourishing serums beyond the protective skin barrier which often limits nutrients delivery into the deeper layers of the skin.

The unique speed-and-depth adjustable microneedling pen is able to efficiently create thousands of epidermal microchannels in the skin to enhance delivery of serums deep into the skin, incrementing their effect. The action of micro-puncturing the horny layer of the skin also simultaneously triggers collagen and elastin regeneration that refines skin texture and suppleness, gives a healthy radiance and improves overall skin quality.

The treatment does not cause significant skin trauma, discomfort or downtime, and thus is a safe and ideal skin rejuvenation procedure specially designed to cater to all skin types.

What can it address?

Face & Neck

  • Surface pigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Uneven or rough texture
  • Mild Sagging


  • Stretch marks
  • Skin laxity


  • Hair loss

What are the different protocols?

Face & Neck

  • Depigmentation
  • Firming
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-ageing


  • Stretch marks
  • Firming


  • Hair Regrowth

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the effect last?

The effect of M2 Infusion needs to be sustained with regular treatment sessions. The more the treatment sessions, the better the results. 

What is the treatment interval?

For face indications, we recommend repeating treatments on a 2-weekly basis for continued improvement of skin quality.

For body indications, we recommend repeating treatments on a 1-weekly basis for continued improvement of skin quality.

How soon will I see the effect?

The effect of the treatment can be felt within the first 1-3 days with further continued improvement of skin quality up to 2 weeks.

How many sessions are required?

We recommend adding M2 infusion treatments regularly into your skin rejuvenation regime.

Regular M2 infusion treatments ensure continuous nourishment of skin, collagen stimulation to plump up skin and accelerate textural renewal of skin, an effective way to delay skin ageing.

What to expect during treatment?

The M2 infusion treatment is a very tolerable experience. Some individuals may feel mild stinging sensation with a deeper penetration depth. If you have a low pain threshold, we can apply a layer of numbing cream 15-20 minutes before the procedure.

The treatment duration is about 20 minutes.

Mild redness of the skin may be seen at the end of the treatment and this will resolve spontaneously within a day.

Is there any downtime?

There is usually no downtime for this treatment. However, when treatment is done using a much deeper penetration depth, one may experience a short downtime.

This includes slight redness of the skin with mild stinging sensation that may linger for the first 24 hours. Thereafter, mild dryness and very fine flaking of dry skin may occur. The skin will heal well in 3-5 days.

Are the results permanent?

We recommend including regular M2 infusion treatments as part of your ritual to maintain good skin indefinitely.

What is the post-treatment care?
  • Continue skincare as per usual routine
  • Avoid exfoliating scrubs, retinol based or AHA/BHA products for the next 3 days
  • Avoid taking alcohol on the day of treatment
  • Apply cold packs or soothing masks to areas of redness, if any
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure for the next 1 to 2 weeks
  • Apply makeup only on the next day
What is the estimated price per session?

Depending on the severity of the condition being treated, the price of M2 Infusion starts from $280 per session.


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