Rejuran in Singapore – The Complete Baby Skin Injection

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Rejuran in Singapore comprises Polynucleotide(PN) derived from Salmon DNA fragments. Since it is extracted from salmon DNA, it is biocompatible with humans, making it skin-friendly, and anybody can use it. Some people might get confused with PN and PDRN(Poly Deoxynucleotides). But there are two different things in a way. First, both PN and PDRN consist of salmon DNA. Second, PDRN was widely used for skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth, and treating the signs of ageing. But PN is a newer version with more skin-healing and rejuvenation properties.

What are the types of Rejuran Injection?

There are three types of Rejuran Injections available in Singapore clinics, giving you the option to customize the procedure according to an area of treatment.

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a full-face rejuvenation treatment. Rejuran Healer is a potent PN skin booster used to inject in some regions of the skin. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing properties, thus enabling the skin to rejuvenate itself. PN promotes wound healing and wound cell growth in the skin structure. The substance regenerates the skin in the long-term from the inner skin layer- the dermis, making it suitable for weak and sensitive skins too. In addition, the collagen production property of PN repairs the damaged skin cells and re-establish the skin elasticity thanks to collagen- The fountain of youth.

Rejuran I

Rejuran I is indicated for under-eye rejuvenation, and it is pretty similar to Rejuran Healer. The only difference is Rejuran I is a thinner substance ( in terms of consistency) that allows smoother injection into more delicate areas and skin under the eye. The product comes in 1 ml per syringe packing and effectively treats fine lines and dark circles under the eye area.

Rejuran S

Rejuran S is specifically used to treat scarred skin areas with dense tissue. The product is 1 ml per syringe packing, similar to Rejuran Healer. This version of Rejuran is more concentracted and thicker in texture, when injected acts a “scaffold” to raise deep pitted scars. Rejuran S consist of Polynucleotides (PN) which are DNA fragments that help repair damaged cells and stimulate collagen. Any scar area can benefit from this product, as it promotes skin recovery. The amount used depends on the size of the scars to be healed.


What skin conditions will benefit by Rejuran?

Rejuran injection is used for treating:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  •  Acne scars
  • Dehydrated and dull skin structure
  • Loose skin/ sagging skin
  • Enlarged pores

Rejuran in Singapore The Complete Baby Skin Injection

Benefits of Rejuran Injection

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Corrects fine lines and wrinkles
  • It helps reduce the appearance of Under the Eye dark circles
  • Increases the thickness of the dermal layer-the inner layer of the skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture
  •  Improves skin hydration and retains moisture
  • It gives you the skin lifting and tightening effect
  • It helps to ” raise” pitted acne scars
  • Treats enlarged pores
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Promotes wound healing effects
  • It helps in getting the full-face rejuvenation
  • Reduces the onset of pigmentation
  • Treats the skin around the neck as well

How is Rejuran compared to Skin Boosters? 

Skinboosters mainly consists of Hyaluronic acid, are better suited for intensive hydration and skin brightening. Rejuran in Singapore- the complete baby booster is more effective in stimulating collagen and elastin production, thus rejuvenating the face.

Side effects of Rejuran Injection

Rejuran treatments also have minor side effects, as with other skin treatments. These reactions are minimal and temporary and should go away after a few hours of treatment. Although, patients may get swelling at the treatment area, which is likely to subside by the next day. Your doctor may advise you to a cold compress to reduce the swelling. Rejuran is a lunch break treatment, and patients should resume daily activities after the procedure right away.

The procedure

As with other aesthetic procedures, the Rejuran procedure starts cleansing and applying numbing cream at the local area to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The doctor will inject the product either by using manual injection or an injector gun at the next step.

Additionally, your doctor will utilize LED treatment, a cooling mask, or calcium serum to enhance the results and speed up the recovery.

How many sessions do I need for Rejuran?

Rejuran is a safe and effective anti-ageing treatment. Ideally, doctors recommend four treatment sessions to achieve desired results. The treatment should be spaced 3-4 weeks after your last session.

Downtime with Rejuran Injection

Rejuran injection requires minimal downtime after the procedure. You can get back to your work right after the session. Some tiny visible bumps, also called needle marks, should go away within a few hours of the procedure.

Can Rejuran be combined with other treatments?

Rejuran can be combined with other anti-ageing treatments such as chemical peels or laser treatments. Combination therapy gives your skin synergistic effects.

When can I expect the results after Rejuran?

You will start to witness the results after one week of the treatment. Your skin will be look smoother and lit with a glow with fewer pigmentations. Also, you will notice the size of the pores is reduced.

How long will the results last with Rejuran Injection?

The results usually last for six months after the required sessions of Rejuran in Singapore – The Complete Baby Skin Injection. Treatment protocol suggests that you should get four sessions of Rejuran, and each session should be 3-4 weeks apart. The patients may also get maintenance treatment after 6- 12 months for continuous collagen production.


While other anti-ageing treatments have their benefits and outcomes, Rejuran in Singapore – The Complete Baby Skin Injection, marked their presence due to their mode of action. The treatment gives you beauty from the inside out by allowing the dermal layer to produce its collagen by itself. Unlike the other treatments, Rejuran gives you an option to treat pigmentation, acne scars, under the dark eye circles, and fine lines with minimal or no downtime. You can get Rejuran injection as therapy alone or combine it with other anti-ageing treatments to get the desired look.


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