Body Slimming & Shaping

As we age, our metabolism rate gradually declines and we gain fat deposits more easily than we lose them. Stubborn fats that do not go away despite strict exercise regime and a healthy diet often requires medical intervention. These stubborn fat pockets are typically concentrated in areas such as the arms, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Advancement in medical aesthetic technology enables the safe and rapid breakdown of stubborn fats, reduction of cellulite and improvement of skin laxity without causing any pain or downtime.

Treatment options include:

ONDA Coolwaves®

Body Slimming & Shaping, KBL

Body Concerns


Body Slimming & Shaping

Stretch Marks

Scars & Keloids

Tattoo Removal

Hair Loss

Body Slimming & Shaping, KBL

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Body Slimming & Shaping, KBL     Body Slimming & Shaping, KBL     Body Slimming & Shaping, KBL